CreativeLive Review: Uncovering the Pros and Cons of Online Learning Platform

CreativeLive is a dynamic online learning platform that I’ve found to cater specifically to creatives and entrepreneurs. With a robust selection of courses in photography, design, music, art, and business, it bridges the gap between professional education and creative passion. What sets CreativeLive apart is its focus on live broadcasts and interactive learning experiences. As someone always looking to hone my creative skills, I appreciate the opportunity to engage in real-time with industry-leading experts.

I’ve experienced firsthand the platform’s interactive classes that allow for live questions and peer-to-peer engagement. CreativeLive also has a well-established system for on-demand learning, offering flexibility to my busy schedule. The platform offers a wealth of knowledge in both the arts and business, aiming to cultivate the entire spectrum of a creative professional’s skill set. From understanding the intricacies of lighting and composition in photography to mastering the art of marketing and branding, CreativeLive has been an invaluable resource in my journey to become more proficient in my creative pursuits.

Key Takeaways

  • CreativeLive offers specialized courses for creative professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • The platform uniquely combines live interaction with flexible on-demand learning.
  • Courses cover a broad spectrum of skills from artistic techniques to business acumen.

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Exploring CreativeLive’s Course Offerings

CreativeLive’s platform provides a diverse range of courses tailored for creators seeking to enhance their skills across various disciplines. I’ll guide you through their four primary educational categories: Photography and Video Essentials, Art and Design Exploration, Music and Audio Production, and Writing and Business Mastery. Each category is rich with content designed to help learners achieve their creative and entrepreneurial goals.

Photography and Video Essentials

In Photography and Video Essentials, learners can find courses that cover a breadth of topics, from the fundamentals of photography to advanced techniques. One notable course focuses on portrait photography, guiding students through the intricacies of lighting, posing, and editing to create compelling images. There are also courses dedicated to mastering Adobe Photoshop, where I can learn to manipulate and elevate my photos to professional standards.

Art and Design Exploration

Under Art and Design Exploration, CreativeLive offers intensive classes that delve into traditional and digital mediums. Learners like me have access to courses teaching the refined use of Photoshop for digital art and practical workshops on illustration. These classes are structured to provide a clear understanding of artistic principles, allowing me to apply them to my own creative projects.

Music and Audio Production

For music and audio enthusiasts, Music and Audio Production provides a gateway into the production side of the industry. Classes here range from home studio setup and sound mixing to more nuanced areas like songwriting and composing. Whether I’m a beginner or an advanced producer, there’s content to help me fine-tune my audio projects.

Writing and Business Mastery

Lastly, Writing and Business Mastery courses are curated for creative minds with a knack for words and entrepreneurship. This section includes classes on narrative techniques for writing, strategic branding, and foundational business skills for freelancers and small business owners. Through these courses, I can enhance my ability to tell compelling stories and navigate the complexities of the creative marketplace.

Understanding CreativeLive’s Platform Features

CreativeLive’s platform is teeming with opportunities for personal and professional growth through their unique blend of live and on-demand classes. I’ll guide you through the standout features that set CreativeLive apart in the realm of online education.

Live Classes Experience

I find that CreativeLive’s live classes are a draw for learners seeking real-time interaction with instructors. With the Live Classes feature, participants can engage with seasoned experts during the broadcast. What distinguishes these sessions is the immediacy of feedback and the dynamic, event-like atmosphere that fosters a vibrant learning community.

On-Demand Learning

Content accessibility is crucial in online learning, and CreativeLive excels with their vast Library of over 2,000 on-demand classes. I appreciate the flexibility this gives me, allowing for learning at my own pace. Further, the Fast Class option is particularly useful for a quick overview of a course’s key points, which suits those with time constraints.

App Integration for Education

For learners on the go, CreativeLive’s App provides a seamless transition from desktop to mobile learning. Notable is the Offline Viewing capability, which I find indispensable. It allows me to download classes directly onto my device, making it possible to continue my learning journey even when I’m not connected to the internet.

In-Depth Analysis: Pricing and Subscriptions

In this section, I’ll closely inspect the financial aspects of CreativeLive’s offering, specifically examining the balance between cost and the value provided. I’ll articulate particulars on their Creator Pass and what subscribers can expect from different payment plans.

Comparing Cost with Value

When assessing CreativeLive, it’s germane to juxtapose the price tags of their services against the value you receive. Money spent on education is an investment in oneself, and CreativeLive positions itself as a premium platform. The value is evident considering the breadth of 2,000+ classes accessible through various subscription options. With the caliber of instructors and the depth of content, CreativeLive’s offerings paint a picture of well-justified pricing. Here is the breakdown as per the available information:

  • Monthly Subscription: Ranges from a rolling contract of $39/month to an annual commitment billed monthly.
  • Annual Subscription: The upfront annual fee tends to be more cost-effective, with prices mentioned between $129 to $299, depending on the level of membership and potential promotions.

The aforementioned subscriptions grant lifetime access to purchased individual classes, meaning the knowledge acquired remains a perpetual asset.

Creator Pass and Subscriptions

I’ll now drill down into the specifics of the Creator Pass — a linchpin of CreativeLive’s subscription model. The Creator Pass provides all-encompassing access to the platform’s extensive catalog. CreativeLive tailors its offerings to accommodate a variety of learning cadences and budgetary considerations:

  • $12.42/month billed annually: This amounts to $149 annually for full access.
  • $15/month (annual commitment, billed monthly): This setup allows for a lower initial expenditure while still offering yearly access.
  • $39/month paid monthly: Ideal for those seeking flexibility without the obligation of a long-term commitment; cancel anytime.

Users must weigh the commitment against the frequency of course consumption to determine whether a monthly subscription or an annual subscription provides the best return on investment. Sales and promotions can significantly impact this decision-making process, making certain times more opportune for enrollment.

These offerings underscore CreativeLive’s commitment to flexible learning opportunities. Whether you’re an individual chasing personal development or a manager procuring training for your team, CreativeLive’s tiered-pricing structure is designed to align cost with your educational ambitions.

The CreativeLive Learning Experience

In my exploration of CreativeLive, I’ve identified that its unique approach to online education truly stands out. The platform focuses on creative skills development, offering a rich variety of educational content with a practical, skills-forward curriculum.

Engagement and Interactivity

CreativeLive courses are known for their high production quality, which I find important in maintaining student engagement. As I navigated through various classes, it was clear that they are all recorded by professional videographers, ensuring a seamless and distraction-free learning experience. The interactivity aspect is particularly impressive—students can watch live broadcasts and participate in real-time, a feature that isn’t as common on platforms like Skillshare or Masterclass.

For those interested in more direct engagement, CreativeLive also provides opportunities to ask questions during live broadcasts, enabling a two-way dialogue between students and instructors. This method mirrors a classroom experience and fosters a sense of community and collective learning.

Learning Paths and Progress

One aspect of CreativeLive that resonates with me is their thoughtfully curated learning paths. These allow me to follow a structured progression of courses tailored to specific creative journeys, whether I’m looking to build my photography skills, start a business, or delve into design. The platform encourages tracking my learning progress, which helps reinforce my knowledge and skills acquired from each course.

CreativeLive doesn’t offer official certificates like some other platforms, but the emphasis is on practical, hands-on knowledge and the acquisition of real, applicable skills. In terms of continuous learning and improvement, the courses inspire me to apply what I’ve learned directly into my personal and professional life, enriching my creative endeavors with industry-relevant expertise.

Assessing CreativeLive’s Instructors and Content Quality

A diverse group of instructors teach engaging content on CreativeLive, with a focus on quality and expertise. The atmosphere is dynamic and inspiring, with a mix of digital and traditional art supplies

When evaluating CreativeLive, I’m particularly impressed by the credentials of their instructors and the meticulousness of their course content. Let’s take a closer look.

Expertise of Instructors

CreativeLive prides itself on a roster of over 650 world-class instructors. They are seasoned professionals and renowned creators. For instance, Chase Jarvis, the founder of CreativeLive, and Craig Swanson, bring their extensive knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to the platform. I find that photographers like John Greengo share invaluable technique and insight specific to their field. Similarly, figures like Ramit Sethi provide practical tips that demonstrate their expertise in their respective domains.

Curriculum Design and Depth

The courses provided by CreativeLive are well-structured with a focus on depth, making it valuable for serious learners. I’ve observed that the curriculum spans a wide range of topics, including photography, art, design, and entrepreneurship. Each course is designed to delve deep into subject matter, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand. The interactive aspect of these courses ensures students can engage effectively with teachers, further enriching the learning experience.

Comparing CreativeLive with Competitors

A vibrant, dynamic classroom setting with a diverse group of students engaged in interactive learning activities, while the instructor confidently leads the session at the front of the room

In this section, I will dissect how CreativeLive stands out in the crowded market of online education platforms, and where it ranks amidst its formidable rivals.

Unique Selling Points

CreativeLive prides itself on its interactive live broadcasts, which not only distinguish it from competitors but also empower creatives with real-time engagement. Unlike many platforms like Udemy, which mostly offer pre-recorded content, CreativeLive allows me to ask questions during live courses, fostering a more immersive learning experience. The platform caters specifically to creative professionals, offering courses that range from photography and music production to entrepreneurship, which makes it a specialized hub for creators looking to advance their skills.

Market Position Against Rivals

When it comes to market position, CreativeLive holds its own against giants like MasterClass and Skillshare. While it may not boast the celebrity-led courses that MasterClass is known for, CreativeLive’s strength lies in its hands-on approach and industry-respected professionals delivering in-depth courses. Additionally, compared to Skillshare’s membership model, CreativeLive allows for the purchase of individual classes, offering a more flexible approach to online learning tailored to the user’s specific needs and budget.

The wide range of courses and the quality of content are critical factors in CreativeLive’s standing. Although the competition in the online education platform market is fierce, CreativeLive maintains a strong presence by focusing on unique, interactive elements that appeal to its target audience: proactive learners and creative entrepreneurs.

User Experience and Accessibility

When I first navigated to CreativeLive, the design of the platform immediately stood out to me. The interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy to locate different categories of classes whether I’m interested in photography, design, or business. The studio experience is simulated well, giving me the feeling of being in a live workshop.

CreativeLive boasts a variety of courses that are engaging and interactive, ensuring that I’m not just passively watching, but actively learning. I appreciate the structure of the classes, with clear modules and objectives that help me progress.

The Creator Pass, which provides full access to the catalogue, enhances the accessibility of the platform. By having this pass, I have the liberty to explore different fields without individual purchase constraints. On top of that, downloadable material accompanying the courses allows me to learn even when I’m offline, which is a great advantage for my continuous learning journey.

With CreativeLive, my overall user experience has been smooth, with seamless transitions from one class to another without any technical glitches. Although interaction with instructors isn’t always immediate, the community features and Q&A sessions offer a sense of real-time engagement. The convenience of accessing classes anytime and the quality of content available make this platform a reliable source for creative education.

Supplementary Resources and Community Features

CreativeLive excels in providing an extensive array of resources and a vibrant community that greatly enrich the learning experience. I find that their offerings extend beyond traditional online courses, incorporating hands-on workshops and robust networking opportunities designed specifically for makers and creative professionals.

Exclusive Workshops and Conferences

CreativeLive stands out with their exclusive workshops that delve into a variety of creative domains. These focused sessions allow me to develop specific skills with direct input from industry leaders. Additionally, the platform regularly hosts exclusive conferences offering deep dives into subjects like craft, design, and photography. The insights gained here, often not available on platforms like YouTube, are pivotal for honing my craft.

Networking with Creatives

The opportunity to network with other creatives is a major strength of CreativeLive. Through their forums and social media channels, I can connect with peers, participate in discussions, and even attend live Q&A sessions. These interactions have allowed me to share my work, receive feedback, and gain exposure to new approaches and techniques within my field. Engaging with this community fosters a collaborative spirit often missing from self-paced online learning environments.

Pros and Cons of CreativeLive

When I explore the offerings of CreativeLive, I immediately notice several distinct advantages:


  • Quality of Instructors: My experience is enriched by learning from industry leaders, including Grammy winners and best-selling authors, which elevates the quality of the education provided.
  • Course Variety: With over 1,500 classes to choose from, I find a diverse assortment of topics that cater to my creative pursuits and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Interactive Learning: The platform encourages active participation through live interactions, allowing me to engage directly with instructors and fellow learners.
  • Accessibility: I appreciate that courses are available for offline learning through an app, which means I can improve my skills even when I’m on the go.
  • Free Content Access: Daily free classes are a significant bonus, helping me to explore new areas without financial commitment.


  • Certifications: I notice that CreativeLive does not offer formal certifications or certificates for course completion, which might be a drawback if I am looking to bolster my professional qualifications.
  • Refund Policy: While there is a 30-day refund policy, it is essential to adhere strictly to their terms to be eligible for a refund, which requires careful consideration before purchasing.

The CreativeLive platform stands out for its well-curated content taught by respected experts. One should keep in mind the lack of certificates when considering the platform for professional development. Overall, CreativeLive’s strengths in content quality and interactivity make it a valuable resource for personal and professional growth in creative disciplines.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I cover some of the most common inquiries about CreativeLive, including user feedback on various platforms, comparisons with other online learning communities, cost-saving opportunities, subscription details, certification options, and updates on free class availability.

How do recent CreativeLive reviews compare on different platforms like Reddit and BBB?

On platforms like Reddit, users generally praise CreativeLive for its practical, hands-on approach to creative education. However, on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), while not all businesses are accredited, it’s important to note feedback varies and some users may report issues primarily related to customer service.

What are the differences in course offerings between CreativeLive and Skillshare?

CreativeLive offers a curated selection of expert-led, in-depth courses aimed primarily at creatives and entrepreneurs, with a focus on interactive and live learning experiences. In contrast, Skillshare provides a wider range of shorter, project-based classes that often emphasize creative skills but also include topics in business and technology.

Are there any discounts or coupons available for CreativeLive courses?

Yes, CreativeLive periodically offers discounts and promotional deals. These can significantly reduce the cost of individual courses or the entire course library access through various sales events or coupon offerings.

Does CreativeLive offer a subscription model similar to the Creative Live Pass?

CreativeLive provides a subscription option known as the Creator Pass. This annual or monthly subscription gives users access to the majority of CreativeLive’s course catalog, similar to how the Creative Live Pass worked in the past.

Can users earn certificates or any formal recognition after completing courses on CreativeLive?

Users can earn certificates of completion for courses on CreativeLive. These certificates serve as a formal recognition of the skills and knowledge gained, which can be a useful addition to one’s professional portfolio or resume.

What are the latest updates on the availability of free classes offered by CreativeLive?

CreativeLive continues to offer free lessons and occasionally makes entire classes available at no cost as part of their live broadcasts. To stay updated on these opportunities, users should frequently check the CreativeLive website and sign up for the platform’s newsletter.