Crowdfire vs Hootsuite – Features, Pricing, Engagement, Which is Best? 2024

In-Depth Review Between Crowdfire vs Hootsuite

Comparing Crowdfire vs Hootsuite can be quite a challenge, given that both are robust social media management tools. Find out what we choose as the best!

You’re likely already aware of their prowess in managing multiple social accounts, automating post scheduling and providing insightful analytics.

Digging deeper into the functionalities of each platform though, I find subtle differences that might tilt your preference one way or another.

In this showdown between Crowdfire and Hootsuite, it’s all about aligning with what best fits your business needs. We also did a full breakdown and review of Crowdfire here if you want to check it out.


Social Media Scheduling
Content Curation
Multi-Account Management
Analytics and Reporting
Team Collaboration


Crowdfire simplifies social media management with easy scheduling, content curation, and basic analytics across multiple platforms.



Social Media Scheduling
Content Curation
Multi-Account Management
Analytics and Reporting
Team Collaboration


Hootsuite offers robust social media management, comprehensive analytics, and team collaboration across multiple platforms and accounts.


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Decoding Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: A Comparative Overview

In the realm of social media management, two tools have managed to carve out a niche for themselves – Hootsuite and Crowdfire. But what makes them stand apart in this highly competitive market?

“In an age where online presence can make or break a brand, these social media management tools offer unique features that allow businesses to manage their various accounts seamlessly.”

– An anonymous digital marketing expert

This is not just about managing multiple accounts; it’s also about creating engaging content, analyzing performance metrics, scheduling posts at optimal times, and so much more.

The Unique Roles of Crowdfire vs Hootsuite in Social Media Management

Crowdfire was once known as JustUnfollow but has since evolved into a comprehensive tool with diverse functionalities such as post scheduling and competitor analysis. The platform provides valuable insights on audience engagement patterns which help brands refine their strategies accordingly.

HootSuite’s Capabilities:

  • HootSuite allows users to schedule posts across different channels from one dashboard.
  1. Apart from its extensive integration capabilities with over 35 popular networks including YouTube, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., it also offers team collaboration options ideal for larger organizations.
Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: Hootsuite Dashboard

Both platforms have been recognized by SoftwareSuggest in the Social Media Management Tools category due to their robust offerings.

Key Features of Crowdfire

In the realm of social media management, Crowdfire has made a name for itself with its impressive array of features. But what exactly makes it stand out?

“With Crowdfire’s automated publishing and multiple social accounts integration, you can effortlessly manage your brand’s online presence.”

– An experienced digital marketer using Crowdfire

This is only the beginning of what this remarkable tool can do.

Analyzing The Automation Capabilities Of Crowdfire

Crowdfire’s automation capabilities are truly game-changing. It offers unlimited post scheduling – no more worrying about hitting an arbitrary cap.

Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: Crowdfire automatic post scheduling

The platform lets you schedule posts as per date or day. This feature is particularly useful for businesses aiming to streamline their content calendar.

A unique algorithm suggests optimal times for posting based on your preferences. So not only does automatic scheduling save time but also ensures maximum engagement.

Social Media Integration With Multiple Social Accounts

Juggling various social media channels while maintaining consistent messaging? Not a problem with Crowdfire. It integrates seamlessly with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Imagine managing several social media accounts from one place – that’s what this tool enables you to do efficiently and effectively.

Potent Content Management Capabilities

Benefits And Impacts Of Using Crowdfire For Your Brand:
Unlimited Post Scheduling:Enables effective planning and execution of content strategies.High Impact On Audience Engagement Rates.Low Effort Required From Users.
Keeping Things Steady, No Matter the Platform:

Key Features of Hootsuite

When it comes to social media management, Hootsuite has established itself as a preferred choice for many businesses. Its standout features such as multi-user collaboration, scheduling and curating content promotion, brand tracking capabilities, and an extensive App Directory make it a comprehensive tool.

Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: Hootsuite content Planner

The Collaborative Approach in Hootsuite’s Functionality

Hootsuite is designed with team synergy at its core. The platform enables seamless multi-user collaboration, allowing teams to work together on their social media strategies effectively. This means that every member can contribute to drafting posts while also being able to schedule them ahead of time.

“In the world of fast-paced digital marketing, having your team on the same page is essential.”

– A seasoned Social Media Manager

This built-in approval workflow ensures all drafted content aligns perfectly with the brand voice before reaching potential customers – reducing errors and enhancing consistency.

Scheduling and Curating Content Promotion

A key feature within Hootsuite’s toolkit is its ability for scheduling and promoting curated content across multiple platforms simultaneously – saving precious time while maintaining consistent engagement with audiences when they are most active online.

The Power of Brand Tracking Capabilities

Brand Tracking Tools:
Monitoring mentions across various networks.Responding promptly to customer feedback or issues.
Keeping track of competitor activities.Fostering better relationships via timely responses.

We’ve seen how crucial this function can be in providing a strategic advantage by offering insights into competitors’ activities, which could influence business tactics accordingly, keeping you one step ahead.

Comparing Crowdfire vs Hootsuite Pricing Plans

Picking the right social media management tool often comes down to pricing. Both Crowdfire and Hootsuite offer users the opportunity to test drive their platforms with free trials and multiple paid plans.

How Much is Crowdfire per month?

Let’s start with Crowdfire. They offer four different pricing options, beginning with a Free Plan for beginners or those with limited needs. Keep in mind these prices are if you pay annually.

  • Free (Limited posts)
  • Plus $7.48 /mo
  • Premium $37.48 /mo
  • VIP $74.98 /mo

If you require more features like scheduling posts in advance or linking up to 5 accounts, the Plus Plan at $7.48 per month has got you covered. And if you ever run into issues, their team provides priority support.

For businesses seeking to further advance their social media game, the Premium Plan is offered at a rate of $37.48 monthly (if you pay annually). This plan grants access to advanced tools such as bulk scheduling and competitor analysis data.

Lastly, the VIP plan costs $74.98 per month and includes all-inclusive benefits like managing up to 50 accounts, premium analytics reports, and unlimited scheduled posts. This plan is perfect for larger organizations or agencies managing multiple clients’ profiles simultaneously.

Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: Crowdfire Pricing Plans

Hootsuite’s Diverse Packages

Let’s explore the range of services offered by Hootsuite. These prices are converted from GBP so may differ depending what country you are from. Their Professional Plan is priced at $112 per month and includes full integration with major social networks, automated post scheduling, and other essential features. It’s an ideal choice for small businesses or individual entrepreneurs looking to expand their digital presence without breaking the bank.

Next up is the Team Plan, which costs around $314 per month. This plan provides a collaborative environment where teams can efficiently manage and execute marketing strategies together through shared calendars and assignments.

The priciest offering is the Business plan, which comes with a hefty monthly cost of $833. This plan features customizable dashboards that provide deep insights into performance metrics, along with dedicated support staff ensuring smooth operation round the clock.

Keep in mind there is a 20% discount for the professional and team plans if you skip the trial.

Remember, both Crowdfire and Hootsuite let you take them for a spin with trial periods. This way, you can try before making any decisions.

Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: Hootsuite Pricing Plans

Key Takeaway: 

When it comes to pricing, both Crowdfire and Hootsuite offer a range of options. From free trials to advanced plans, you can find the right fit for your needs and budget. Whether you’re an individual or managing multiple clients’ profiles, these tools provide diverse features from post scheduling to deep performance insights.

Integration Options Offered by Both Platforms

Crowdfire and Hootsuite are two major players in the realm of social media management. Both platforms offer a range of integrations to improve user experience.

The Lowdown on Hootsuite’s App Directory

Hootsuite shines with its robust App Directory. With over 150 apps, users can customize their experiences according to their unique needs. This directory integrates with various services such as content discovery sources and CRM tools.

This vast selection allows businesses to streamline operations using just one dashboard, rather than juggling multiple interfaces. Imagine integrating Google Analytics into your Hootsuite account for website traffic monitoring while managing your social channels simultaneously.

Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: Hootsuite Synaptive shopview

A Closer Look at Crowdfire’s Integration Capabilities

While Crowdfire may not have an extensive app directory like Hootsuite, it supports five significant social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. It’s perfect for those who focus mainly on these platforms for marketing efforts.

This ability to manage all these different networks from a single place saves time and boosts efficiency when maintaining consistent brand messaging across various channels. Plus, its smart features help you discover relevant content based on topics or industries you choose, further enhancing the user experience.

Pitting Both Platforms’ Integrations Against Each Other

In terms of sheer numbers alone, it seems that Hootsuite leads the pack with its wealth of integrable apps via its App Directory. But remember – quantity doesn’t always mean quality or relevance. While access to over 150 apps might seem impressive initially, users could feel overwhelmed if they don’t need most of them.

Crowdfire’s support for five leading social media platforms presents a more focused approach towards integration options. While this offering might appear limited compared to what Hootsuite brings forth, it certainly caters effectively to marketers looking specifically to leverage popular mainstream social networking sites.

So, picking between Crowdfire vs Hootsuite really boils down to what your business needs. Some might be drawn to Hootsuite’s broader offerings, while others may prefer simplicity.

Key Takeaway: 

While Hootsuite wows with its vast App Directory, integrating over 150 apps for a customizable user experience, Crowdfire keeps it simple by focusing on five key social networks. It’s not just about quantity but relevance and usability too. Choose wisely between these two platforms based on your business needs – the all-encompassing approach of Hootsuite or the

Pros and Cons of Crowdfire vs Hootsuite



  • Content Curation
  • Cross-Platform Posting
  • Customizable Posting Times
  • Clean Interface
  • Competitor Analysis


  • Interaction Limitations
  • Frequency of App Changes
  • Limited Features on Free Plan
  • Customer Support
  • Lacks Comprehensive Analytics



  • Centralized Social Media Management
  • Scheduling Features
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Integration Possibilities
  • Collaboration Tools


  • User Interface
  • Pricing
  • Learning Curve
  • Limitations on Free Plan
  • Algorithm Changes

The User Interface Aspect of Crowdfire vs Hootsuite

When it comes to Internet marketing tools, the user interface plays a vital role in overall effectiveness.

Hootsuite’s User Interface Design

Hootsuite presents an intuitive design that packs robust features into neat tabs for quick navigation. The customization of these tabs allows users to create unique workspaces with streams showcasing various content types or social media channels.

Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: Hootsuite User Interface

“Hootsuite’s multi-platform post scheduling from the main dashboard saves time by cutting down on menu hopping.”

This functionality-focused layout is paired with an interactive tutorial for new users. This tutorial helps newcomers quickly familiarize themselves with the platform’s capabilities right off the bat.

Crowdfire’s User Interface Design

On the other hand, Crowdfire offers a sleeker design approach characterized by minimalistic aesthetics and clear instructions. Instead of compartmentalizing like Hootsuite, all your social networks are managed together in one stream – perfect for those who prefer streamlined workflows over segmented ones.

“Crowdfire shines with ‘The Queue’, which auto-schedules posts based on audience engagement data.”

In addition to this innovative feature, comprehensive help documentation and prompt customer support via live chat within the app ensure smooth sailing for beginners using this tool.

Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: Crowdfire Analytics

User Adaptability: A Comparative Analysis

It’s not just the aesthetics, but also how straightforward they make things appear, especially for those unfamiliar with the app. Hootsuite organizes its features to give you more control over specific tasks, while Crowdfire aims to get the most done with the least effort. They serve the same goal but use different methods.

Therefore, the best way to decide which tool works for you is by considering factors such as usage frequency, type of content and other related details. There’s no clear winner here because everyone’s needs are unique. But knowing what each tool can do will definitely help guide your decision in a way that best fits your needs.

Key Takeaway: 

When it comes to the user interface of Crowdfire vs Hootsuite, Hootsuite offers a detailed, compartmentalized approach with robust features and customizable tabs. Crowdfire counters with a sleeker, streamlined design where all social networks are managed in one stream. It’s not about which is better; rather it’s about what suits your style of work – detail-oriented or minimalist.

Mobile Application Availability: Crowdfire vs Hootsuite

So, how do Crowdfire and Hootsuite, two major players in this field, stack up when it comes to their Android and iOS mobile apps?

Crowdfire App: Accessibility at its Best

The Crowdfire app, compatible with both Android and iOS devices, delivers an intuitive user interface making scheduling posts as simple as possible. But that’s not all it has in store.

  1. An array of features including content curation based on interests or industry trends keeps your social feed fresh.
  2. A competitor analysis tool provides valuable insights into what strategies work best within your niche market.
Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: Crowdfire Mobile App

Hootsuite App: A One-stop Shop for Social Media Management

Just like Crowdfire, the Hootsuite app, also supports both Android and iOS systems. The multi-network dashboard makes managing various channels from one place seamless.

  1. Besides post scheduling, real-time analytics tracking lets you measure each post’s performance instantly right from your device.
  2. The platform stands out with its ability to facilitate team collaboration remotely – a big plus point for global teams or those working from home.
Crowdfire vs Hootsuite: Hootsuite Mobile App

Picking Sides? It’s Not That Simple.

Comparing these two giants side by side shows several commonalities; easy post-scheduling across multiple channels directly via smartphones or tablets being one.

Exploring Customer Support Options: Crowdfire vs Hootsuite

In the dynamic world of social media management, the quality of customer support can make or break your experience. Two players that stand out in this arena are Crowdfire and Hootsuite, each offering a unique blend of assistance options.

This principle holds particularly true for platforms like Crowdfire and Hootsuite, where an array of functions requires equally diverse support channels to ensure smooth user experiences.

The Approach to Client Assistance by Crowdfire

Crowdfire goes beyond mere email communication when it comes to client help. Users have multiple avenues open to them including phone calls and live chat services which enable immediate responses from their dedicated team members. This real-time interaction allows swift problem resolution without disrupting workflow. Furthermore, with a ticketing system in place, every question asked gets tracked until fixed ensuring comprehensive client satisfaction.

Hootsuite’s Comprehensive Customer Support Features

Hootsuite’s approach mirrors that offered by Crowdfire with added perks. They too employ email for handling inquiries efficiently while allowing detailed responses from their expert teams. Live chat capabilities provide instant solutions for quick fixes or guidance during the setup process, making onboarding easier, especially for beginners venturing into social media management tools.

“A little bit more than what you ask”, seems like the mantra at Hootsuite as they supplement these standard offerings with training resources empowering users through education on maximizing productivity levels at work. Moreover, the tickets feature ensures that every query or complaint raised by clients gets proper attention until a resolution is reached, satisfying the end-user experience overall.

Both platforms work hard to give top-notch help to clients, putting a big focus on making things easy and accessible no matter what medium you’re using.

Key Takeaway: 

When it comes to customer support, Crowdfire and Hootsuite pull out all the stops. Beyond email help, they offer live chat and phone calls for immediate assistance, plus a ticketing system that doesn’t close until your issue is resolved. With Hootsuite even throwing in some training resources, both platforms make sure you’re never left high and dry.


When it comes to managing your social media presence, both Crowdfire and Hootsuite have their unique strengths.

Crowdfire excels with its automation capabilities and user-friendly interface and is my choice in this article.

Hootsuite stands out for its collaborative approach and a vast array of integration options.

Pricing plans differ significantly, so understanding your budget constraints is key.

The ultimate determination of which of these two powerful tools is right for your enterprise comes down to matching them with your exact business requirements.

If you’re still unsure which tool will best suit your internet marketing strategy or need more insights into different software packages, feel try to check out our other articles here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Crowdfire and Hootsuite compare in user-friendliness?

Many users praise Crowdfire for its intuitive interface, which simplifies social media management, especially for beginners.

Which tool is more streamlined for various social platforms?

Both support major platforms, but Crowdfire’s design often feels more seamless for quick posting and platform navigation.

How do team collaboration features compare between the two?

Both offer collaboration tools. However, Crowdfire’s features are often touted for their simplicity, making team coordination easy.

Can users find value in Crowdfire’s pricing?

Absolutely! Crowdfire offers various pricing tiers that balance affordability with a rich feature set.

Do both platforms offer analytics?

Yes, both do. While Hootsuite has comprehensive reports, Crowdfire provides straightforward, actionable insights for quick decision-making.

What’s special about content curation on Crowdfire?

While both have curation tools, Crowdfire shines with its tailored content suggestions, aiding users in maintaining an engaging feed.

How do they handle multi-account management?

Both platforms accommodate multi-account management. Crowdfire’s interface, in particular, simplifies switching and posting across accounts.

Are mobile apps available for both platforms?

Yes, both Crowdfire and Hootsuite provide mobile apps. Crowdfire’s app is often praised for its clean and user-friendly design.

How suitable are they for small businesses or individual influencers?

While both cater to various business sizes, Crowdfire’s intuitive design is a favorite among individual influencers and smaller businesses.

Which platform offers more in terms of content suggestions?

Crowdfire has a unique edge with its content recommendations, ensuring users always have relevant content to post.

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